I know the little things matter most. Whether you're looking for an associate photographer to lead the day or a second shooter to be your go-to gal, I'm here to support you AND your clients. I take a pretty candid, documentary approach to wedding days. I'm a sucker for details and love post-ceremony bride+groom portraits. You can count on me to encourage the people in front of my camera, provide clear direction (and then capture the moments in-between), and support them throughout the day.

As your second shooter, I'll help carry gear, read family shot lists, remind you to drink water, and offer you gum after dinner. I've got an eye for detail and am always ready to give the bride's dress a good fluff. I can wrangle a rowdy group of groomsmen after a few too many whiskey cokes and can also snag some great shots of grandma crying during the ceremony. I'll even remember to snap some behind-the-scenes of you working your magic. Whatever you need, I'll make it happen.